Text mode display corrupted after dist-upgrade to Dapper

Michael Williams williams at astro.ox.ac.uk
Thu Sep 7 13:02:29 UTC 2006


I just dist-upgraded from Breezy to Dapper, and everything seems to have
gone fine, except for one thing. The display in text mode (i.e. the
status reports as services are launched during startup and the text
shells accessible using Ctrl-Alt-F[1-6]) is corrupted.

The nature of the corruption is much like that seen when you
misconfigure X -- the general image is sometimes visible among the
flickering and lines, but it certainly isn't usable!

I am a reasonably sophisticated user, but haven't used Linux in anger
for three or four years, so have no idea what package may have been
responsible for this breaking, which configuration file to edit to fix
things, and even what the proper name for "text mode" is! I would be
very grateful for any assistance.

Michael Williams

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