Getting an HP PhotoSmart C3140 All in one working

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Thu Sep 7 08:03:18 UTC 2006

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> Subject: Re: Getting an HP PhotoSmart C3140 All in one working.
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> I also have an HP Photosmart C4180. In Kubuntu's System
> Settings, I got it printing right off the bat by selecting HP
> Photosmart 3300 Foomatic/hpijs from the driver list. 3300 was
> the closest Photosmart number I found without going higher. I
> don't know if the resolution is at its highest, but I'm not
> picky.
> I've been using Linux for ~10 years, but this is the first
> time I've tried scanning anything -- ever. I didn't even know
> what Koopa is until a minute ago. Can you explain,
> step-by-step, what to download and what to run to get the
> scanning working?

generally, HP has a great support for its devices. For your
particular problem, the first step I would recommend is to go to and look, whether your printer is
supported and what it is supposed to be able to do under

Subsequently there is A LOT of information on anything regarding
installation, configuration, printing, scanning and faxing and
much more available there.


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