Web & Audio Server Advice Sought

Ken McLennan kenrmcl at mysoul.com.au
Wed Sep 6 12:18:55 UTC 2006

G'day there Todd,

> What platforms are your clients running,

    Clients (all 2 of them) are WinXP for my wife, and either WinXP, or
Dapper for me.

> and what formats are your
> audio files in? 

    Mostly MP3. I mirrored most of them in OGG format, and iTunes seems
    to have converted a few of them to AAC.

> I highly recommend mt-daapd/firefly media server if
> you want to serve mp3's to linux, windows, or mac boxes. If your

    That pretty well covers it. I wouldn't mind getting a Mac to play
    with, but they want me to pay real live money to get one =).

> collection is ogg|flac|wmv, you can still use firefly with linux
> clients, but your choice of media players is limited to Banshee.

    I've heard a few good things about Banshee, but I've not seen it in
    use. I prefer OGG, but I can live with MP3, so the choice of player
    isn't such a biggie.

> Mt-daapd/firefly is an iTunes-like server. 

    It sounds like something I should look at then.

> Rhythmbox and Banshee can
> connect using DAAP protocol, but Rhythmbox can't play the transcoded
> oggs and flacs for some reason. 

    A bit of a mystery as to why. Any recommendations for a player on
    Windows? I have a few different ones that I've installed to try with
    different formats here & there. I keep falling back on iTunes or Jet
    Audio for music, and VLC for video.

> I use firefly to stream music
> wirelessly to my stereo via the Roku Soundbridge. 

    Sigh... I'm restricted to the noises that come out of my 'pooter,
    although the stereo speakers my son gave me as a gift are pretty
    damned nifty =).

> It's a close second
> to sex.

    I'm married. What's sex?

> http://www.fireflymediaserver.org/

    I'm off to have a look this very instant.

Thanks muchly for your advice, it's greatly appreciated.
See ya
Ken McLennan
Qld, Australia

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