install ubuntu without CD-rom drive?

Bjørn Ingmar Berg bjorn.ingmar.berg at
Wed Sep 6 13:35:39 UTC 2006

On 06/09/06, JeremyWorst <ulist at> wrote:
> If anybody else has any suggestions or comments, they would be
> appreciated.

Some time ago I was asked to install Ubuntu on a laptop that didn't
have any CD-drive and that couldn't boot from USB floppy or
memory-stick.  I ended up with a slightly creative solution that I was
very happy with.

First I booted a desktop computer with the Knoppix DVD and started the
Knoppix terminal server on it.  Then I booted the laptop from the
Knoppix machine through the LAN using PXE boot.  With the laptop
running Knoppix I stopped the NIC and started it again to get an
IP-adress from my DHCP server rather than one from the Knoppix
machine.  From then on it was plain sailing following this howto:

Good luck!
Bjørn Ingmar Berg

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