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On 06/09/05 21:26 (GMT-0400) Paul Kaplan apparently typed:

> I have two systems both running 6.06 (KDE).  Both use the nimbus font family.  
> On one web pages are rendered normally, but on the other the normal font in 
> all browsers (konqueror, opera, firefox) seems to be bolded.  I say "seems to 
> be" because if there is bolded text on the page, that is stands out even from 
> the non-bolded, but bold-appearing font.  Needless to say, I've verified that 
> the browser fonts are not set to bold.  This behavior is not true for 
> konqueror file manager fonts.

> In what may be a related symptom, the normal Times New Roman font in Open 
> office appears italicized whether the italic option is set or not.  It does 
> print normally.

> The problem machine has an Intel 915 onboard video card while the normal 
> machine uses and ATI M7500 card.

> Any ideas what's causing this or how to fox?

Might be easier to tell if we can see. Put Ksnapshot screenshot(s) in webspace somewhere so we can see the problem.
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