browser fonts

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at
Wed Sep 6 01:26:39 UTC 2006

I have two systems both running 6.06 (KDE).  Both use the nimbus font family.  
On one web pages are rendered normally, but on the other the normal font in 
all browsers (konqueror, opera, firefox) seems to be bolded.  I say "seems to 
be" because if there is bolded text on the page, that is stands out even from 
the non-bolded, but bold-appearing font.  Needless to say, I've verified that 
the browser fonts are not set to bold.  This behavior is not true for 
konqueror file manager fonts.

In what may be a related symptom, the normal Times New Roman font in Open 
office appears italicized whether the italic option is set or not.  It does 
print normally.

The problem machine has an Intel 915 onboard video card while the normal 
machine uses and ATI M7500 card.

Any ideas what's causing this or how to fox?

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