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Wed Sep 6 03:10:01 UTC 2006

On Sep 5, 2006, at 5:51 PM, Robert E. Butts wrote:

> On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 05:15 +0100, drgnswrd wrote:
>> All three machines must be running Samba, because mac and ubuntu can
>> both talk to the xp machine, but ubuntu and mac cannot talk to each
>> other.  I can ping ubuntu from mac and mac sees that ubuntu exits,  
>> but
>> that's it.
>> Why would they not talk to each other over a common system?  Is  
>> therea
>> setting I need to set on either machine that isn't documented?
> No.  From the sound of it, your problem sounds like a configuration
> issue with Samba.  Things to check:
> 1) Make sure all machines are in the same workgroup
> 2) Make sure all Mac users are in /etc/samba/smbpasswd  (Even if your
> security doesn't require it, the Mac security system may be looking  
> for
> it ..)
> I know nothing about Mac security administration, but if the Mac
> recognizes an NFS-exported file system, then that is the way to go.
> Forget Samba when communicating between Ubuntu and the Mac.

I agree. It does bring about the hassle of ensuring that user ids  
between machines are identical, or the use of user id squashing,  
however. NFS does  have benefits: it doesn't suffer from the  
limitations of the smb protocol, such as invalid filename characters  
and lack of unix permissions.

> To setup NFS on Ubuntu, you need to be sure the nfs-kernel-server and
> portmap packages are installed, and that the portmap daemon starts at
> boot.
> Then, edit /etc/hosts.allow.  Here's mine:
> portmap: 192.168.
> ALL: <Your workgroup name>
> Note the . after the IP address above.

This is not strictly necessary, especially if you specify hosts  
individually as I show below.

> Then edit /etc/exports  Here's mine:
> /       *(rw,no_root_squash)

In order for OS X to mount the NFS share without fuss, you'll have to  
enable the insecure option so that it listens on a port above 1024.  


For more information, see 

> I have no idea how to mount an exported NFS filesystem on a Mac, so I
> cannot advise further.

One way is to use the "Connect to Server" dialog in Finder and enter  
in "nfs://host/path/to/export". You can also tweak some things in  
NetInfo Manager for different results.

> Good luck and HTH
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