Mac and Linux compatibility

Robert E. Butts himco2 at
Tue Sep 5 21:51:31 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 05:15 +0100, drgnswrd wrote:
> All three machines must be running Samba, because mac and ubuntu can
> both talk to the xp machine, but ubuntu and mac cannot talk to each
> other.  I can ping ubuntu from mac and mac sees that ubuntu exits, but
> that's it.  

> Why would they not talk to each other over a common system?  Is therea
> setting I need to set on either machine that isn't documented? 

No.  From the sound of it, your problem sounds like a configuration
issue with Samba.  Things to check:

1) Make sure all machines are in the same workgroup
2) Make sure all Mac users are in /etc/samba/smbpasswd  (Even if your
security doesn't require it, the Mac security system may be looking for
it ..)

I know nothing about Mac security administration, but if the Mac
recognizes an NFS-exported file system, then that is the way to go.
Forget Samba when communicating between Ubuntu and the Mac.  

To setup NFS on Ubuntu, you need to be sure the nfs-kernel-server and
portmap packages are installed, and that the portmap daemon starts at

Then, edit /etc/hosts.allow.  Here's mine:

portmap: 192.168.
ALL: <Your workgroup name>

Note the . after the IP address above.

Then edit /etc/exports  Here's mine:

/       *(rw,no_root_squash)

I have no idea how to mount an exported NFS filesystem on a Mac, so I
cannot advise further.  

Good luck and HTH

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