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> > I am trying to install ubuntu. I can boot fine off my CD drive but 
> > then at the beginning the install it says it cannot find 
> the CD drive. 
> > It suggests the CD may not be in the drive but of course it is.

Had this problem in the past with earlier Ubuntu releases.

> I have seen the same problem on my girlfriend's PC, which is 
> all-IDE - tho' the HD is SATA and the DVDRW is PATA. It also 
> manifests in Xandros & Knoppix, as well as both 32-bit and 
> 64-bit Ubuntu 5.10 and 6.06.

Do you have the option in the BIOS to enable an ATA mode which activates
SATA and PATA together, rather than in compatibility mode? If so, you
try switching this on and trying again.

[jj] Again, thanks.  I don't know but will have a look.  I am virtually
certain that it doesn't know about SATA, though.  Remember, it's an
older Dell - not sure of the year but a Dimension B733r.

> I attribute it to a new and not-yet-properly-supported 
> motherboard or something. I'm waiting for the next release, 
> then I'll try again.
> Sorry not to be of more help.

You helped, as it jogged my memory and I may have a solution.

Good luck,


[jj] Someone (Marc?) suggested checking BIOS version so I shall.


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