Triple boot:XP,ubuntu&FC5 grub failed

Scott geekboy at
Tue Sep 5 11:32:32 UTC 2006

Roby wrote:
> Gayal wrote:

>> default=1
>> timeout=5
>> splashimage=(hd0,7)/boot/grub/splash.xpm.gz
>> hiddenmenu
>> password --md5 $1$9cfE/FsM$oQqKXCbmTUsrsdk4IaTP4/
>> title Fedora Core (2.6.15-1.2054_FC5)
>>         root (hd0,7)
>>         kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5 ro root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet
>>         initrd /boot/initrd-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5.img
>> title Ubuntu
>>         rootnoverify (hd0,6)
>>         chainloader +1
>> title Win XP
>>         rootnoverify (hd0,0)
>>         chainloader +1
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Notice the similarity of Ubuntu and Win stanzas generated by anaconda.
> Well, this will never do.  Ubuntu's entry ought to be more like FC,
> the other linux that dwells on your HD.  Something like ...
>   title Ubuntu
>   root (hd0,6)
>   kernel (copy this from menu.lst kernel line in Ubuntu)
>   initrd (also from Ubuntu's menu.lst)
> Anaconda = snake ... not trustworthy.

Actually, it's Grub that's not trustworthy.  It's caused me more 
headaches over the years than anything else related to Linux.

In a recent case, I too was attempting Fedora Core 5 and Ubuntu on the 
same hard drive. (I have WinXP on another).

I installed FC 5 first.  Then I installed Ubuntu.  When I installed FC5 
I had Grub placed in the MBR.  I made the same request with Ubuntu.

After installing Ubuntu, I rebooted and got an error message from Grub. 
  I couldn't access Ubuntu or Fedora.

I tried using "rescue mode" from the Ubuntu CD, which was worthless.  It 
just throws you into some sort of bizarre shell.  I'm like "OK, now 
what!"  I tinkered for a bit and gave up on that idea.

Then I tried fixing Grub via Knoppix.  That got me nowhere also.

No, Fedora Core is great. So is Ubuntu.  But GNU GRUB is a snake. No, 
it's more like a disaster area.

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