Getting an HP PhotoSmart C3140 All in one working.

Ron Morse rbmorse at
Sun Sep 3 01:03:28 UTC 2006

Thank you for tracking this down. Sounds like a candidate 
for the bug list


On Saturday 02 September 2006 18:47, Bry Melvin wrote:
> Recently after checking the HPILP site and documentation
> in Ubuntu/Kubuntu I purchased one of these devices.
> Just Working was out of the question though:-(
> Even though the docs in Ubuntu say this unit will print
> scan etc. It Doesn't just work.
> After contacting HP support I downloaded the current
> tar.gz fo HPILP.
> The instructions have specific ubuntu steps.
> Be sure to uninstall the .deb from Ubuntu of hpilp. It is
> missing some pieces to get scanning working with this
> machine.
> Following the excellent instructions in the tar.gz and
> using hp's included command line printer setup program
> this printer scanner combo set up correctly and works
> quite fine.
> I have scanned in XSane and Kooka with no problems.
> FWIW all my googling ended up with this scanner function
> as not supported.
> apparently the Ubuntu repository versions of HPILP are
> missing a few pieces needed to scan.
> Please excuse the double posting on Kubuntu and Ubuntu.
> I thought this was significant enough after two days of
> trying to find why the HPILP docs in Ubuntu said it would
> work and then it didn't.
> Bryann

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