Mac and Linux compatibility

drgnswrd ulist at
Tue Sep 5 02:52:29 UTC 2006

I'm having the same issue as the below user.  I have a network of 3
machines, a Dell running WinXP, a mutt machine running Ubuntu 5.10
(recently converted from Debian), and a Mac iBook running OSX 10.4.7.

Ubuntu and XP will file share.  Mac and XP will file share.  Mac and
ubuntu will not file share.  In fact, Finder on the Mac locks up when I
try to connect to the Ubuntu machine.  I know I must be using Samba
between Ubuntu and XP, and between Mac and XP.  How can I tell if I'm
using Samba or NFS or something else between Mac and Ubuntu?  What can
I do about it? if it is using Samba, why isn't it working?

Charles Yao;331334 Wrote: 
> Is mac and ubuntu compatible? Is it possible to share files and
> printers?


> Charles


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