GNOME power management pref

Adam D emlists at
Mon Sep 4 22:01:38 UTC 2006

Adam D wrote:
> Apple Powerbook G4 15' Ti
> After some looking around on the system, I have come to see that I can only put the system to sleep under GDM or anything else using ppbuttonsd but when logged into a GNOME session the GNOME power management functions take over and I can't seem to use:  /usr/sbin/pmi action sleep.
> Can I change the GNOME power management to reflect this so I can lock the screen and put the system asleep?
> -Adam


I Changed /usr/share/hal/scripts/system/hal-system-power-suspend line:

        elif [ -x "/usr/sbin/pmi" ] ; then
            /usr/sbin/pmi action suspend force


        elif [ -x "/usr/sbin/pmi" ] ; then
            /usr/sbin/pmi action sleep

Thanks for the help.


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