Resolution reduced after existing VMwareServer's Fullscreen Mode!

Lawrence Houston ubuntu at
Mon Sep 4 21:53:55 UTC 2006

Fellow VMwareServer Users:

I am running VMware's Server (1.0.1) under Xubuntu 6.06.1 (XFce)...  When 
using VMware's Server Console directly on the Xubuntu's Console, upon 
existing a running VMware Client's Fullscreen Mode, Xubuntu's X11 Display 
was its resolution reduced (one must pan around to view the entire 
Desktop)!!!  I tried duplicating the problem under Ubuntu 6.06.1 (GNOME) 
and found for all resolutions other than the one selected by the fresh 
Install (1182x864 at 75 Hz), the resolution and/or Refresh Rate will be 
reduced upon exiting the Full Screen Mode...  Under Xubuntu this 
1182x864 at 75 Hz Resolution is NOT listed explicitly (although it is 
Xubuntu's "Default"), also behaves "correctly"!!!  Under Xubuntu/Ubuntu 
the Display Resolution Functions effect change immediately, which is 
different than other Systems where X11's Config Files are observed and the 
X11 Server must be restarted for changes...  Therefore I do NOT know where 
the data used for these Resolution Changers are maintained and hence I can 
not go poking around to see if any changes there might allow the 
VMwareServer to exit its Fullscreen Mode with the the same settings as on 
entry???  Are other Xubuntu/Ubuntu users having similar problems with 
VMwareServer and if so were there any "solutions"???

Lawrence Houston  --  (ubuntu at

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