System slowdown playing embedded video

Lorin Pino ljpino at
Mon Sep 4 14:33:08 UTC 2006

I have installed Ubuntu 6.06.1, and have been working on setting things 
up before switching everything over from 5.10.  I have an AMD Athlon and 
an ATI Radeon 9000.  I am running the kernel 2.6.15-25-k7 along with the 
matching restricted modules package.  I have installed the fglrx driver, 
and after replacing with a new one from here:

Flash 7 is installed and working.  If I try to play:  
it plays fine.  But cpu usage is very high, and when the clip ends the 
cpu goes to 100% and the machine won't respond to anything for 15-20 
seconds.  After that I can close the tab, and everything is back to normal.

This plays perfect:
But I can't replay it without reloading the page.

Does anyone else have trouble with these?  I don't think it is an ati 
issue, but maybe I messed up something as I was fiddling with 3d accel.  
The second link is playing with the totem-gstreamer plugin (firefox).  
Maybe I should try totem-xine?

I can't find anything in logs at the time this happens, so I am kind of 
in the dark on this.  Any suggestions?

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