How do I add old settings from Firefox to Kubuntu

kieran breakwell kierandbreakwell at
Mon Sep 4 00:11:42 UTC 2006

Im not too sure which 'settings' you mean but you can import/export 
bookmarks in the bookmark manager other than that in ~/.mozilla/firefox 
there will be a directory (for example ro09amzf.default) in there is 
most of the settings files.


kieran at laptop:~/.mozilla/firefox/ro09amzf.default$ ls
bookmarkbackups  chrome             extensions        history.dat 
lock           xpti.dat
bookmarks.bak    compatibility.ini  extensions.cache  hostperm.1 
mimeTypes.rdf  XUL.mfasl
bookmarks.html   compreg.dat        extensions.ini    install.log 
Cache            cookies.txt        extensions.rdf    key3.db 
cert8.db         downloads.rdf      formhistory.dat   localstore.rdf 

Hope this helps.

Ted Quick wrote:
> I found an item online that told me what files to copy from an existing Windows Firefox to one on
> Kubuntu. I copied the files but can't find anywhere to put them in Kubuntu. Is there a particular
> folder to put them in to have Firefox use them?
> Ted Quick
> Need a website? Look at:

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