Multifunction printers for ubuntu?

paul cooke paul.cooke100 at
Sun Sep 3 20:37:00 UTC 2006

On Sunday 03 September 2006 12:10, Matt wrote:
> I have a HP PSC 1350, works great apart from the scanner and the card
> reader, any pointers to get this to work?

erm... I just stick an SD card into the reader slot and it appears on the 
desktop... (KDE, I don't do Gnome, don't like other people taking 
choices/settings away from me)

I use Xsane... launch it, it scans for available devices and gives me a choice 
of what it's found (I have a Hauppage TV card in the box as well and Xsane 
can aquire from that as well). Then I just preview the image, select the 
area, and acquire it.

(when setting up the printer, I had to manually find the correct driver as for 
some unexplained reason, the installed drivers package wasn't pointed to by 
the printer configuration wizard. Once that was done... well, Bob's your 
uncle) (oh, and I think there's a choice of two different driver systems for 
HP, hpijs and hplip, one works properly, the other doesn't. Can't remember 
which one I'm using)

> Matt
> On 9/2/06, paul cooke <paul.cooke100 at> wrote:
> > On Friday 01 September 2006 15:36, alex wrote:
> > > I recently posted a question about a driver for the Lexmark
> > > multifunction printer X74/X75 and  someone
> > > mentioned that multifunction printers don't work well in linux because
> > > of driver difficulties?
> > >
> > > Does anyone have a brand of a printer/fax/copier that they're using
> > > successfully in ubuntu without turning
> > > the world upside down to make it work?
> >
> > hp psc 1350 works fine for me... I dumped my Lexmark on some unsuspecting
> > windows user... even got money for it :)
> >
> > > alex
> >
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