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Sun Sep 3 19:20:27 UTC 2006

On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 02:28:49PM +0200, Luqman wrote:
> > Sylvain Girard wanted us to know:
> >The topic there was: *Optimized kernel builds: the straight dope*
> >On 8/31/06, Sylvain Girard <girard.sylvain at> wrote:
> >>I read a conversation about this topic on the developer list. I believe
> >>they're planning on dropping brand specific kernel, because the performance
> >>gains/losses are not noticable in everyday use. So if you use a 386, 686 or
> >>k7 kernel, there should be no problem.
> Thanks Syvain for this helpful contribution. I will take time to read
> dig out that topic in developers list.
That thread only applies to future plans of course; something that major
wouldn't be changed in Dapper. For the time being you can install
essentially any kernel other than the 386 one and get SMP support. This
includes those not marked specifically as SMP kernels, which are using
the 'SMP alternatives'[1] system. Either the k7 or the 686 should work
fine; the latter covers any 686 class processor, which include the AMD
ones since they have all the 686 instructions plus some extras. The k7
kernel would make use of (some of) those extra instructions, but as the
thread on -devel shows, it doesn't make much real difference.


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