searching advanced Gnome desktop settings

Lorin Pino ljpino at
Sun Sep 3 13:16:30 UTC 2006

Nikolaus Filus wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently moved not only to ubuntu, but also from KDE to Gnome and are looking
> now for some places to configure gnomes behaviour. I would appreciate any hints,
> how to solve it:
> - In KDE I can use the mouse scroll wheel on the desktop to switch between
> workspaces. Is it also possible in gnome?
> - how to switch between workspaces when mouse hits the screen edge?
> - how to enable zoomed preview of thumbnail with mouse over the file?
> - how to force the icon labels on desktop to be cut and shown only as hint with
> mouse over? additionaly how to prevent "stupid" in-word wrapping?
> I think about filing bugs against gnome/metacity about a missing place for
> configuring such things. Especially, I'm used to find most of them in the
> desktop's context menu (beeing wallpaper settings only a port of it and not the
> only option).
> I know there is gconf and gconf-editor, but without a documentation of the keys
> and accepted values its useless.
> Nikolaus
For the mouse, maybe edit settings under System>Preferences>Keyboard 
Shortcuts.  I haven't tried this, so I don't know for sure.

For the interactive screen edges, check out "brightside".  It is in 
universe under gnome.

As for the other two, I don't know.  But in /usr/share/doc/gconf2 there 
was an url for a mailing list:  Maybe you could try 
them.  That was also listed for a place to send suggestions.

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