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Sun Sep 3 03:09:24 UTC 2006

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Thanks Tod, all is well now.  The network manager I was using is a
different critter altogether.  I installed the one you suggested, and I
haven't had a problem since.  Thanks again for the help.


Tod Merley wrote:
> On 9/1/06, Donald Wayne Chandler <mrwchandler84 at> wrote:
> Hi Tod,
> I thought I was doing the same things you listed, but something keeps
> changing the line in /etc/network/interfaces to "iface eth0 inet dhcp".
>   Again, I have to change "System >Administration Networking" back to
> the profile I named "Home" (the only profile I have created), then add
> iface eth0 inet static
> address 192.168.X.X
> netmask
> gateway 192.168.X.X
> back into the interfaces file.
> I'm trying to resolve this so I can cut down on headaches and medicinal
> alcohol.
> Thanks,
> Wayne
> Tod Merley wrote:
>>>> On 9/1/06, Donald Wayne Chandler <mrwchandler84 at> wrote:
>>>> I have 6.06 LTS on my Dell Inspiron 700m laptop on a home DSL
>>>> connection.  The network setting keeps defaulting to DHCP when I boot
>>>> up, and it won't connect.  Even though I have a network profile created,
>>>> I have to manually set gksu network-admin to Static IP, and edit
>>>> /etc/network/interfaces to remove the "auto eth0" entry.
>>>> Am I doing something wrong with gksu network-admin, or is there a better
>>>> network app I could be using?
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> Hi again Donald Wayne Chandler,

> Profiles?  Saved?

> Are you using "Network Manager"?


> I do not (it is a desktop attached via Ethernet cable - never hits a
> "hot spot").

> My guess, if so, would be that you need to re-do (or perhaps re-make)
> your profile.

> Did find a tutorial:


> And there are many out there to find via Google.

> Good Hunting!

> Tod

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