how to fix this boot error on my ubuntu 6.06 system?

Tod Merley todbot88 at
Fri Sep 1 08:50:06 UTC 2006

On 9/1/06, Stephan Vissers <vissers_itm at> wrote:
> Hi,
> My system is not booting anymore. It's stops while configuring network
> devices. After a few minutes it gives a bit more error information like:
> /etc/rcS.d/s40ifrename Line 12   Can not find the file (or smt like that)
> It could have something to do with a message that I got yesterday directly
> after booting; it asked me to delete a file because it was not used anymore,
> I answered Yes. Maybe this was wrong, but don't remember the file name..
> What should I do?
> Stephan
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Hi Stephan!

Apologies for the blank post - wrong button!

What I think you should do:

1. Try doing a control+c (ctl+c press the Ctrl button and tap the c
button while holding) when the boot is hung.  This will often pop you
through the failed script and allow you to boot.  You will probably
not have networking but may be able to use the System > Administration
> Networking tools to obtain it after the boot.

2. Definately Google your bug.  Some results of "s40ifrename":

3. You will find a script at /etc/rcS.d/s40ifrename so look at line 12
and see which file it requires and see if you can replace it (from the
live CD?).

Just a start,

Good Hunting!


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