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Viviane Trevithick vbrisson at
Sat Oct 14 13:23:46 UTC 2006

<<I have one flat panel, and a whole bunch of CRTs. I run them all at 60, and
see no strobe effect from any of them. Keeping them all set the same at 60
means when I switch among various operating systems and resolutions and
video drivers and video cards I suffer a minimum of need to adjust the
display size controls on the CRTs.
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Felix Miata  ***>>

You are right. I didn't google it, my mistake. I've run into this
problem with a CRT monitor on a secondary machine that wasn't
recognized and it was the only way to fix the res and rr problem.
Otherwise I ran into a bunch of problems. 60 is not a problem on an
LCD. Love your sig.

Viviane T

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