Cannot remove flash memory

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Thu Nov 30 14:44:49 UTC 2006

Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
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> Maybe your flash drive is similar to mine.  If it is flashing slowly
> blinking on and off it means that the drive is on and functional.  My
> drive does this even before it's mounted.  If it's being read from or
> written to it will stay on and flicker very fast.  It is safe to pull
> the drive if it is blinking on and off slowly and is unmounted.
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I have a Lexar  512mb JumpDrive, and what I do from a terminal command 
line is sudo su, then enter my root password...Type umount /dev/sda1 and 
the Icon on the screen is removed...Now plugging it back in, it will 
detect the jumpdrive, and the icon shows back up...

Using eject does the same thing...

One or the other is all that is needed...


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