Cannot remove flash memory

Ouattara Oumar Aziz wattazoum at
Thu Nov 30 13:22:20 UTC 2006

Peter Garrett a écrit :
> On Thu, 30 Nov 2006 10:46:05 +0000
> norman <norman at> wrote:
>>>> I'm not quite sure what the light means, but I ignore it, and haven't 
>>>> had any problems whatsoever yet. I'm using gnome as opposed to kde, but 
>>>> I doubt that makes any difference. So, I just make sure the device is 
>>>> not mounted and then pull it off.
>>> It means the same as the flashing light on the front of most PCs.  The
>>> drive is in use. If you remove it when the light is on you may lose or
>>> corrupt data.  The whole purpose of the light is to tell you that there
>>> the memory is being written to or read from.
>> I cannot believe that. It is now 15 minutes since I pressed eject and
>> the light is still flashing. Unless, of course, eject is not the same as
>> unmount.
> Try this sequence ( the device in this case is /dev/sda1 )
>                                $ pumount /dev/sda1
> Comment: OK, no errors so it is unmounted now...
> peter at prospero:~ $ pmount /dev/sda1
> Comment: No errors, so now it's mounted again.
> So, with the "stick" still plugged in, the system still "knows" it is
> there after the "pumount" command , but ...
> peter at prospero:~ $ eject /dev/sda1
> peter at prospero:~ $ pmount /dev/sda1
> Error: device /dev/sda1 does not exist
> ... after "eject", the system has total amnesia about it ;-)
> That's a /highly technical explanation/ of the difference, I know   *grin*
> Peter

So the "eject" command is better than the (p)umount cause it goes 
farther by completely remove the device from the system.
The light being still running is just, on some cases, because the stick 
is still pluged in and by the mean still electrically alimented.
See, there are different sort of Stick (I would like to point out the 
light system). On some of them there is 2 LED of different color (even 
though the key seems to have just one light point) . One for the 
alimentation and the other for signaling the access on the stick. Other 
sticks just have the light of access.

I believe Scott is speaking about the second one. So with his stick, 
having the LED on means something is accessing the Stick.
But Norman' Stick got the alimentation light so it will never turn off.

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