Reverting to Dapper

Luqman luqman_ngs at
Wed Nov 29 07:48:57 UTC 2006


>   I continue to fight issues with Edgy like inability to shut down
>and OO instability and such, none of which occurred with Dapper Drake.
>   How would I revert to that config without loosing data from
>Evolution, etc.?  I have the install disk, but that just wants to
>install a new instance.

I also had X-server problems after upgrading to Edgy. A complete fresh
install of edgy from DVD helped tacle all issues.

There is not mechanism to downgrade from edgy to dapper, at least I am
not aware of any. Therefor, I would suggest to install dapper in a new
clean partition and then copy the required data from edgy partition to
new dapper installation.

Good luck,

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