Derek Broughton news at
Tue Nov 28 20:07:50 UTC 2006

Derek Broughton wrote:

> Alexis Kotte wrote:
>> On 11/27/06, Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
>>> Are there any plone experts here?  I'm trying to install a new product
>>> in plone and nothing ever shows up in the 'Add/remove products' page
>>> (Edgy: zope 2.9, zope-cmfplone 2.5.1).
>> I tried this as well and found out that plone is not starting up
>> correctly: it could not load some needed modules.
>> I resorted to just installing zope2.9 and getting the plone tarball
>> from Installation is pretty easy.
> Easy or not, plone just isn't important enough to me to want to do it
> _again_ from source (I already have a plone installation on CentOS that
> had
> to be done from source...).  I'm not seeing any sign that plone isn't
> starting properly - where did you see this?  The default "plone-site"
> looks
> right.  The particular product did have some errors (obviously created on
> a Windows site, ugh! - directory names were uppercased), but once I fixed
> those, I stopped getting errors but I still don't have an installable
> product.  If it wasn't for the errors in the first place, I wouldn't even
> have a clue that it really was trying to load the product.

Oops! It would seem I must have missed a restart there.  I just found myself
back at the "Add/Remove Products" page, and there was ExternalContent.  I
never did find the products I installed from aptitude, but this is the one
I really want.  It looks right.  

So, now I can say that it appears that there's nothing wrong with plone as
you get it by simply installing "plone-site", with all its depends, from

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