Making Firefox 2 default browser in Dapper

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Mon Nov 27 19:09:54 UTC 2006

Around Tuesday 28 November 2006 04:34, Peter Garrett wibbled of :
> On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 00:36:13 +1000
> Nikolai Razouvayev <nikolai at> wrote:
> > I installed Firefox 2 on Dapper and it works as a default browser in all
> > respects except when I'm trying to open an html page or a saved link
> > locally, Firefox 1.5 starts instead. How do I make Firefox 2 start on
> > these actions rather than Firefox 1.5? I tried changing it through
> > Preferred Applications by typing in the Command field
> > /opt/firefox/firefox %s (this is where I installed firefox 2) but it
> > doesn't work.
> /usr/bin/firefox is in your PATH variable, so the FF 1.5 will be called if
> "firefox" is invoked without a path , or if /usr/bin/firefox is invoked.
> You might also check what update-alternatives has as " x-www-browser"
> sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser
> I think you will need a symlink to /opt/firefox/firefox - there is a wiki
> howto about this at

  Ok make sure that firefox (just firefox not the commandline like you have) 
is set as your default browser in default apps as above. Now in a terminal cd 
to /usr/bin then sudo rm firefox. Now sudo ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox enter 
and it should all work. At least that is how I have done it and it works fine 
for me. Note the l is a small L not a one.

Good Luck


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