ripping several hundred cds?

Florian Diesch diesch at
Mon Nov 27 07:39:50 UTC 2006

Matt Price <matt.price at> wrote:

> for xmas I'm switching our stereo over to an electronic system --
> probably a combination of an ipod and a linux player.  
> as part of this project I want to rip all of our cds to mp3 or ogg (if
> someone has a suggestion ofr an ogg-friendly ipod-replacement?).  I'm
> doing enough of these that I'd like to have as little user interaction
> as possible -- just shove in the cd, have it automatically rip to a
> specifed location, then eject and on to the next one.  has anyone done
> anything of this kind before?  any suggestions?

I'm using Jack for ripping

,----[ ~/bin/pkgdesc jack ]
| Package: jack
| Description: Rip and encode CDs with one command
|  Jack has been developed with one main goal: making OGGs (or MP3s)
|  without having to worry. There is nearly no way that an incomplete rip
|  goes unnoticed, e.g. jack compares WAV and OGG file sizes when
|  continuing from a previous run. Jack also checks your HD space before
|  doing anything (even keeps some MB free).
|  .
|  Jack is different from other such tools in a number of ways:
|   - it supports different rippers and encoders
|   - it is very configurable
|   - it doesn't need X
|   - it can "rip" virtual CD images like the ones created by cdrdao
|   - when using cdparanoia, cdparanoia's status information is displayed
|     and archived for all tracks, so you can see if something went wrong
|   - it uses sophisticated disk space management, i.e. it schedules its
|     ripping/encoding processes depending on available space.
|   - freedb query, file renaming and id3/ogg-tagging
|   - it can resume work after it has been interrupted. If all tracks have
|     been ripped, it doesn't even need the CD anymore, even if you want
|     to do a freedb query.
|   - it can do a freedb query based on OGGs alone, like if you don't
|     remember from which CD those OGGs came from.
|   - freedb submissions

I never tried using CD images, but it sounds like as if you have enough
disc space you could first create images of a couple of CDs and then
let jack rip them overnight.


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