ripping several hundred cds?

Ismael Valladolid Torres ivalladt at
Mon Nov 27 10:41:37 UTC 2006

Sridhar M.A. escribe:
> On Sun, Nov 26, 2006 at 12:03:10PM -0500, Matt Price wrote:
>    > 
>    > as part of this project I want to rip all of our cds to mp3 or ogg (if
>    > someone has a suggestion ofr an ogg-friendly ipod-replacement?).  
> Just install rockbox on your ipod. It plays ogg, mp3, et al.

I'm after an iAudio Cowon X5. Apart from OGG it does FLAC. Indeed I
suggest you ripping to FLAC. As a lossless algorithm you keep
CD-quality and later you can reencode to OGG or MP3 if needed without
the same loss of quality you get from encoding from a loosy to a loosy

I am planning doing the same, ripping all my CD collection, and I
think I'll prefer FLAC to high-bitrate MP3. Anyway for pop music
stereo 192Kbps MP3 should be more than OK.

As a ripper, jack which uses cdparanoia and supports cddb is lovely
and very lightweight as a console app.

Cordially, Ismael
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