Is this an 'Alt+Tab' bug?

Santanu Chatterjee thisissantanu at
Mon Nov 27 06:01:23 UTC 2006

Hello Everybody,

First let me explain what I was used to do frequently :

Suppose I intend to play a group of ogg files I have opened in
a nautilus window.

Suppose the desktop is so cluttered that I am hardly seeing the
totem window open somewhere in the Desktop.

So I select the group of file with my mouse, drag them a little
but not enough to take them away from the nautilus window,
but since I cannot view the totem window, I cannot drop them
directly onto totem.

So, while holding down the mouse button, I use 'Alt+Tab' to
cycle to totem, and once totem is visible, I release the mouse
button on totem, so that the totem playlist is populated with
the selected files. Problem solved.

However, with Edgy recently installed on my new home computer,
I cannot follow the above technique. This is because when I select
a group of files/folders in nautilus, and start dragging them,
'Alt + Tab' becomes ineffective until I release the mouse.

I verified this problem even on my Dapper machine at University.
I have not tried this on other distros, so can't comment on that.

Could you please verify if this occurs on your ubuntu installation too?


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