gnome vs. scim

Beinan Li li.beinan at
Sun Nov 26 08:21:48 UTC 2006


big problem with GNOME.

My machine: AMD 64 Desktop
Locale: Chinese Simplified, with SCIM installed (default language: English,
installed language pack Chinese Simplified).
Desktop: GNOME

Syndrome 1:
Whenever I create a folder under GNOME and would like to name it by typing
in the name, it seems that no keyboard response is received and I'll have to
rename it under Terminal. No such problem under KUbuntu.

Syndrome 2:
When gedit is in use, sometimes the mouse cursor disappears
and I can't input Chinese, especially when running "gksudo gedit ...."

are these the incompatibility between SCIM and GTK,
BTW: if I try to uninstall SCIM, i was always asked to remove
GNOME-desktop as well ...

Any ideas? This drives me crazy!!

Thank you.

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