APM suspend in Dapper or Edgy?

Dylan Thurston dthurston at barnard.edu
Sat Nov 25 17:43:45 UTC 2006


I've been trying to install Ubuntu on an Omnibook 500 I have. This
laptop is old enough that ACPI suspend does not work reliably, and I'd
like to use APM suspend. (APM suspend does work fine, once I load the
kernel modules by adding 'apm=on' to menu.lst and type 'apm -s' from
the command line.) But the Gnome menu items seem to be attempting an
ACPI suspend, and I cannot figure out how to change that or how it was
supposed to work. I have seen reports of people successfully using APM
suspend, but I can't see how it would be activated:
gnome-power-management calls hal, and the hal-system-power-suspend
script seems to call pmi from powermanagement-interface. Despite the
generic name, pmi in Ubuntu just calls acpi suspend without checking
for APM. What am I missing?

Many Thanks,
	Dylan Thurston
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