Linux and Open Source... What is still missing?

José Paulo Matafome Oleiro matafomeoleiro at
Thu Nov 23 19:09:26 UTC 2006

On Thursday, 23 de November de 2006 04:26, Christofer C. Bell wrote:
> On 11/19/06, YAGNESH N DESAI <ynd at> wrote:
> >  Though I do not hope to download and compile many codes. My major
> >  issue is that I use my Linux installation without Internet (Many would
> > do it as a forced situation). In such a situation when i try to download
> > an indivudual .deb (Binary) files from the archive I find that it takes
> > lot of efforts and time to resolve the dependancies issues. Many times I
> > have to
> >  leave without the software which I was looking for.
> I do believe this was Matt's major reasoning for installing the
> compiler tools out of the box, to support the building of network
> drivers for systems where the networking hardware was not supported by
> the default installation for whatever reason.

You can try to get to a friends computer with ubuntu installed then you can 
select the software you want to install and choose only download the files.
after this execute the following command:
jose at jose-laptop:~& mkdir -p ~/cache/binary
jose at jose-laptop:~& cp -fv /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb ~/cache/binary/
jose at jose-laptop:~& cd ~/cache
jose at jose-laptop:~& dpkg-scanpackages binary/ /dev/null | gzip -9c > 
jose at jose-laptop:~& mkisofs -r -A "apt-cache" -o ~/cache.iso ~/cache/

Now burn the image file to a DVD-R or CD-R, then at the computer where do you 
wnat to install the packages just do the following:
jose at jose-laptop:~& sudo apt-cdrom add
jose at jose-laptop:~& sudo apt-get update

After this if you try:
jose at jose-laptop:~& sudo apt-get install package_name
it will do the installation of the package and it's dependencies ;)
then execute the following
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