opinions about MS Vista

Nils elitepenguin at gmx.net
Thu Nov 23 12:56:59 UTC 2006

> 1. Advance sleeping mode. computer can switch mode in 1 second and come back in 2 seconds

I would really like to have better suspend support on linux. On my
Laptop (compaq nx7010) only hibernate works and sometimes it crashes
(not sure if this is related to the wlan driver, wpa_supplicant)

> 2. GPO, you can schedule your computer so it switches on automatically at a specified time.


> 3. Superfetch: softwares can work at background and when they are needed they come back to foreground  in very short time. so there is almost  no loading time.

I think konqueror can also preload instances and ooffice can also be
preloaded, I don't see how this is related to the os..

> 4. USB drivers can be use as an extention to RAM

interesting, what can u do with it

> 5. BitLocker security system. The data in the system is encrypted  with a BIOS information so the Harddisk can not be read on any other computer.

Bad luck if your computer breaks. On linux you have dm_crpyt which
works very well. (and is also more trustworthy, since it's not
proprietary) However I guess it's easier to use under windows..

> 6. Built in advance "getting image of HD software" such as ghost.


> 7. XPS Document Printer. Iexplorer can show all kinds of documents without any extra software (e.g. you can see pdf files without Acrobat).

It was about time to include a pdf reader in Windows.

> 8. Advance search engine for the harddisk

How does this compare to beagle?

> 9. Advance recovery system (Windows Recovery Environment)

Not sure what it actually does, sounds good..

> 10 You can define some specific events and copy these events to another computer easily (Mac does this for a while with automator).

Basically a gui for writing scripts, for users w/o skripting skills
this is surely interesting..

> 11. Network Center: Configure your networks (wpa enterprise, etc) within seconds.

I really like this feauture, Ubuntu should invest some time to create  this..

> 12. GPU Driver that work correct, Beamer, second and third screens work out of the box..

This is mainly a legal issue, if either NV or ATi would open their
drivers, the chance that they get sued by the other party, cos of
patent infringement, is high.. So there must be a way to get
proprietary drivers working on Linux.

> 13. Ships with proprietary video codecs, so u can watch almost all videos on the net..

> 14. Visual Studio.net, all Adobe Products, Cinema 4D, various other Windows software..

While I also like eclipse, it's beind VS I think (for example in VS
you can add code to your app while debugging it) However, now that
Java is Open Source, we should take the chance and integrate Java
support in Ubuntu..

Also I would like to see some (good) proprietary software unter Linux..

Don't get me wrong if I criticize Ubuntu, I think Ubuntu does a very
fine Job in making Linux usable for workstations and it's getting
better with every release..


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