Connecting to MSN

Chanchao custom at
Thu Nov 23 04:05:18 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-22 at 20:57 +0000, Keith Powell wrote:

> Unfortunately, none of the programs suggested has the facility of 
> using both a web cam and a microphone for chatting. So, 
> unfortunately, it looks as though I will have to use Windows.

Seems so.  Strange that something that's obviously so wanted by people
and also something that's so popular still doesn't have a Free software

For voice conversations though, Skype works really well.  Even bought
the Skype-Out to normal phone credit.  Wanted to use Ekiga but it
doesn't have a windows version.  (I sometimes use Windows at work so I'd
like to be able to make calls all the time.)

Skype also has a Windows version. :)

Note that Skype installation on Ubuntu works VERY well. Just download
the .deb and double click.


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