When will we have a clipboard that works?

R Kimber rkimber at ntlworld.com
Wed Nov 22 16:44:06 UTC 2006

> > On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 09:17:06AM +0700, Chanchao wrote:
> >> I would also like to ditch the old 'X' type auto-copy of stuff when
> >> selecting things.   This is just evil, like try to paste a URL or
> >> Google search term into Firefox.. to delete whatever was in there,
> >> most people would select it and then paste.. but in selecting it,
> >> it replaces the clipboard contents.

There's an add-on for Firefox and Mozilla that gives you a little
button you can press to clear the existing URL without having to select
it.  If I remember correctly, Konqueror has a similar facility built in,
and so does Opera.

Also, if you use Klipper then you can retrieve a 'lost' clipboard
string easily.

I do most of my work using the X copy and paste system and find it
invaluable. One of many reasons not to be using Windows.

- Richard
Richard Kimber

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