Hibernation and edgy

Tchize tchize at myrealbox.com
Wed Nov 22 10:44:29 UTC 2006

What is the status of Hibernation on edgy?

I have installed edgy on 3 desktop computer now. Each now show the 'put
computer in hibernation' button on logout dialog. Out of those 3, only
one (the older one) works properly when put in hibernation. (That made
the user very happy btw has it was a "damn fast boot"). Another one just
do a fast halt and upon reboot i see a bunch of fsck. It does not
attempt at boot to recover from hibernation it seems. The last one does
restore from hibernation (at least it looks like it has same behaviour
as working one), but just after restarting screen server put everything
in some power saving mode, mode which i can't get out, considering it
seems my usb mouse and usb keyboard are disabled (saw some usb related
error messages before powersaving mode). I have to manually shutdown
computer and start it again for a normal boot.

Is it a normal behaviour for hibernation to fail?

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