INSTALL PROBLEMS ON W98- i386, 20gb and 10 gb hard disks.

squareyes squareyes at
Wed Nov 22 08:02:29 UTC 2006

Larry Paulson wrote:
> I purchased a 64bit AMD E mach with XP about 12 mo ago. I decided to 
> see if Linex would work on my older 32 bit cpu?
> I d/l and created the ISO demo disk on the XP cpu. I ran this disk  on 
> the I386 cpu and after many trials was able to review the 
> applications. During this time--I decided to buy the book with the 
> DVD-disk. This disk appeared to work ? ver 6.06 at times but I have 
> since given up on it.
> I tried to use the terminal to partition the C hd. No luck-even using 
> suggestions from your support site.
> SO WHAT TO DO? After 40 years of using CPU's - we like simple systems. 
> I could get help ? from friends--but--
> IF all of this is too difficult-- I can erase the C disk and install 
> linex only. What is the best solution??  Larry
Hi Larry,
why not download and try the gparted live cd,
boot from that and partition your drive with a new ext3 partition, and 
install Ubuntu on the new partition?
Hope this helps,
Take Care

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