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Matthew Nicholson sjoeboo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 21:56:03 UTC 2006

my comments, bellow. bear in mind i've been reading about vista since the
longhorn days and am not planning on buying it since there is nothing new
and/or exciting.

On 11/21/06, Mustafa Ozkaynak <mozkaynak at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just received an email from a friend (Actually he is a windows lover).
> He attended a session organized by Microsoft to introduce the most recent
> OS.
> Some of the shining stuff he mentioned about the Vista is as follows:
> 1. Advance sleeping mode. computer can switch mode in 1 second and come
> back in 2 seconds

2. GPO, you can schedule your computer so it switches on automatically at a
> specified time.

i think this would depend on a new new bios and hardware.

3. Superfetch: softwares can work at background and when they are needed
> they come back to foreground  in very short time. so there is almost  no
> loading time.

prelink? readahead?

4. USB drivers can be use as an extention to RAM

this would be very, very slow "RAM"

5. BitLocker security system. The data in the system is encrypted  with a
> BIOS information so the Harddisk can not be read on any other computer.

this require special hardware, that costs "A LOT", and is something that
isn't included with the os, but is an add on "eventually"

6. Built in advance "getting image of HD software" such as ghost.


7. XPS Document Printer. Iexplorer can show all kinds of documents without
> any extra software (e.g. you can see pdf files without Acrobat).

Envice does this. openoffice can even create pdfs on windows sans adobe.

8. Advance search engine for the harddisk

you mean WinFX? this was dropped from the OS. the searching in Vista isn't
much better, if even on par with Apple Spotlight, Beagle, and tracker.

9. Advance recovery system (Windows Recovery Environment)

Xp had this. it wasn't that great.

10 You can define some specific events and copy these events to another
> computer easily (Mac does this for a while with automator).
> What do you guys think about those. I am happy with my OS (Dappler Drake)
> but these features look pretty promising
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