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The ubuntu-users list seems to have decided my gmail account belongs to
a spammer, and seems to be silently dropping posts from it.  Or maybe it
more complicated than that.  Anyway trying again from another mail account


Running Dual Head with 1440x900 lcd and a big old Dell Trinitron crt
at 1600x1200.

I've got about a half dozen boxes, and I run:

    gdmflexiserver -n -l

to bring up an Xnest window containing a gdm login for the local box.

Would rather it took me straight to the "Remote Login via XDMCP".

What I really want it to do is put the gdm login in an Xephyr window
instead of an Xnest window.  Then randr will work and I can use the
Screen Resolution gui to tweak my real estate.

Would like be able to drag windows from screen to screen, but when I try
turning Xinerama on the screen resolution/refresh gets whacked out and
I can't see what I'm doing, and randr doesn't work, and I've got plenty
of other stuff to do.

Also I'd like the TitleBar on the window to say Xnest at host instead of
just Xnext, but I'm trying to switch from Xnest to Xephyr anyway so
maybe that will come out in the wash.


Drew Einhorn

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