Floppy boot disk for Ubuntu 6.06.

aradsky aradsky at ne.rr.com
Mon Nov 20 15:37:17 UTC 2006

I use ubuntu 6.06 as my primary linux system and like to try other linux 
systems.  At the moment I have 5 other linux systems that I can boot 
with ubuntu's grub.
ubuntu was installed last so it's grub captured all the other systems 
making it possible to boot any of them with ubuntu's grub from computer 

The problem is when I install another linux system, it's grub becomes 
the active booter but it doesn't always include all of the the other 
systems  so  ubuntu may become inaccessible..    If it could be, it's a 
simple matter of running 'grub-install /dev/hda' and adding the new 
system's booter to ubuntu's grub menu.lst.

Otherwise, I have to  reinstall  ubuntu and let it capture the new  
linux  in grub.

I figure if I could access ubuntu with a boot floppy, I could do the  
grub-install /dev/hda routine and edit  menu.list to include the newly 
installed linux..

The question boils down to simply------how do I make a boot floppy (or 
CD) to boot ubuntu after I install a new linux system?




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