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Scott J. Henson shenson at
Mon Nov 20 14:26:32 UTC 2006

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>     Anyone dealt with PAM lately?  I'm trying to work out a
> 'three-strikes' login requirement, and not having much luck.  Anything I
> learn about such mods will go into an Ubuntu page called "PamMods", but
> I have to actually LEARN what I'm doing wrong first.
>     The docs are kinda scary; the fellow that wrote Pam_tally (the key
> to this effort) doesn't match what the docs say on his website. Or,
> perhaps I've learned yet another way to read them....  :/
>     I've got to get this worked out, or 12 machines keep running Windows ...
>     Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Some additional information maybe?  Like your common-auth
file (if thats where your making your modification and it
should be).  Also a description of your authentication
stack.  Are you using the unix passwd file (aka pam_unix) or
some other auth method?  What errors are you getting to your
auth.log file?  Is your /var/log/faillog file growing?  Be
verbose, the more complete of a description you give the
easier it will be to fix.

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