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Scott J. Henson wrote:

> Some additional information maybe?  Like your common-auth
> file (if thats where your making your modification and it
> should be).  Also a description of your authentication
> stack.  Are you using the unix passwd file (aka pam_unix) or
> some other auth method?  What errors are you getting to your
> auth.log file?  Is your /var/log/faillog file growing?  Be
> verbose, the more complete of a description you give the
> easier it will be to fix.

    Well, see, what I've had....20-30 variations on the configuration
that in fact, have all been meaningless.  And I'm working from the docs!
 The best I can do is to get locked out of the thing and have to reboot
into recovery mode.

    Part of the silliness is that pam_tally's documentation will tell me
to use certain arguments (like "deny=3" and "reset") in "account" mode,
but when actually _running_ the program, these don't exist, or will only
work in "auth". Maybe it's vice-versa; I'm not looking at the
documentation just now.  But it sure appears that the documentation is

    Obviously everything I've been trying has been very wrong- I'm
looking for the guy that got it working, not just for tactical
(file-content) but strategic (the overview) of the nature of this beast.
 Someone, somewhere has a copy of this actually working, and the author
is either on vacation, or doesn't feel like helping.

    Can I take from the response you're comfortable making mods to the
basic install? Ever got pam_tally to work?

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