Getting rid of the startup splash screen (Edgy)

Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at
Mon Nov 20 14:15:36 UTC 2006

Derek Broughton <news at>  said:
> Please, it's not "fix" :-)  There's nothing broken.  If you don't
> want a splash screen, just remove the "splash" option in the grub
> menu.lst - or remove the "*splashimages" package, which is probably
> what's providing the splash (there's a kubuntu-grub-splashimages and
> grub-splashimages - the former provides _my_ splash, so I'm guessing
> the latter is the default Ubuntu one).

I'm pretty sure you mean remove usplash.  Removing it will also remove
usplash-theme-ubuntu and ubuntu-desktop.

Cybe R. Wizard

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