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Sun Nov 19 19:53:14 UTC 2006

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
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> John wrote:
>> In Edgy-Eft, is there a way of setting a pc as an NTP client? I want my 
>> laptop to get its time from my server.
>> The rider to this question is that my server will soon be converted to 
>> Ubuntu and will need to get its time from a web-based time server and 
>> also act as my network's local server so I will looking to set that as 
>> both NTP client and server.
>> Any thoughts, please, as I haven't found an NTP service in synaptic.
>     Also don't forget about; the people that seem to
> maintain the software are also organizing public ally-available NTP
> services, world-wide. There are several choices, mostly based on your
> location, but if you'll point out "" for your time server,
> it'll cycle through the pool of NTP servers offering the service.
>     And once you get set up and comfortable with Ubuntu, you might want
> to add yourself to that pool, too.
>     Everything's at
Thanks, folks. I'll follow that through. The pool idea looks interesting.


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