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John wrote:
> In Edgy-Eft, is there a way of setting a pc as an NTP client? I want my 
> laptop to get its time from my server.
> The rider to this question is that my server will soon be converted to 
> Ubuntu and will need to get its time from a web-based time server and 
> also act as my network's local server so I will looking to set that as 
> both NTP client and server.
> Any thoughts, please, as I haven't found an NTP service in synaptic.

    Also don't forget about pool.ntp.org; the people that seem to
maintain the software are also organizing public ally-available NTP
services, world-wide. There are several choices, mostly based on your
location, but if you'll point out "0.pool.ntp.org" for your time server,
it'll cycle through the pool of NTP servers offering the service.

    And once you get set up and comfortable with Ubuntu, you might want
to add yourself to that pool, too.

    Everything's at http://www.ntp.org/

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