Giving up on Edgy

Scott geekboy at
Sun Nov 19 06:28:24 UTC 2006

Michael Satterwhite spake thusly on 11/18/2006 08:49 AM:
> I really like Ubuntu, but the latest release shouldn't have been
> released, it wasn't ready. Googling around the net, the "Out of Range"
> error I described was known before the release. There is no excuse for a
> release with a problem of that magnitude outstanding.

Edgy is... well "Edgy".  If you wanted near rock-solid stability, you
should have stayed with Dapper.

There nothing forcing anyone to upgrade every 6 months.  With the
exception of Dapper, Ubuntu supports it's releases for 18 months.

Heck, Debian's gone for years with it's stable versions.

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