Giving up on Edgy

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Sun Nov 19 03:20:05 UTC 2006

Wei-Yee Chan wrote:
> Did U do a clean installation?  Things like that can happen if U upgrade
> from a previous distribution.
> I only realised just a while ago that I couldn't play flash files with
> Firefox.  I solved my problem by installing flashplayer-mozilla. 
> Apparently, it was mysteriously removed without my knowledge during the
> upgrade from Dapper to Edgy. 

Yes, I did a clean install. Once would expect, however, that it wouldn't
(or at least *SHOULDN'T*) be necessary. Ubuntu is Debian based, and
Debian has often excused it's bad installer by pointing out that you
only had to use it once, from then on, apt and dist-upgrade would do the
job. On the Ubuntu website, they even say that a dist-upgrade was all
that is needed.

I didn't believe them, though ... I did a full install. Of course, that
didn't give a clean system either.

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