Help Please!

John John at
Fri Nov 17 19:37:32 UTC 2006

Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> You should reboot the PC with the Ubuntu CD inside and the computer will
> load up from this CD. You may have to enter your computers BIOS at boot
> time (F2 key? Del Key?) and make the CD drive the first bootable device.
Then, when you've done that, select the top option on the list (boot & 
install) and let it load.

When the desktop appears, you'll find the install button.

Good luck

> On Fri, 2006-11-17 at 18:53 +0200, Wikus Moller wrote:
>> I am new to linux and I have a pentium 2 upgraded pc running windows xp...
>> I want to install ubuntu and I have both the pc version and the 64-bit
>> pc version.
>> If I put the cd in my pc while its on, it just gives me a menu with
>> software that I can install but NO INSTALL BUTTON with both the pc and
>> 64-bit pc versions.
>> If I try to restart my pc, it doesnt do anything!
>> What should I do to install it? Is there a hidden install button?
>> -- 
>> Thanks
>> Wikus

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