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ac "aec$news" at
Fri Nov 17 17:34:09 UTC 2006

Wikus Moller wrote:
> I am new to linux and I have a pentium 2 upgraded pc running windows xp...
> I want to install ubuntu and I have both the pc version and the 64-bit
> pc version.

I would expect the pc version to be the one you will need to use. The 
64bit version is not intended for your presumably 32 bit machine.

> If I put the cd in my pc while its on, it just gives me a menu with
> software

If you do this then you are using the *windows* programs facility the 
CD has. You can install some good open source programs there if you 
wish. Each program can be installed into windows using the install 
button on the right hand side.

 > that I can install but NO INSTALL BUTTON with both the pc and
> 64-bit pc versions.

Forget the 64 bit version it does not sound as if it is for your machine.

> If I try to restart my pc, it doesnt do anything!

When the CD is in the machine and then if the machine is shut down and 
restarted, then the CD will run the machine by itself - the machine 
will boot from the CD.

If this does not happen, you will need to make sure that the PC bios 
is arranged to have the boot sequence to use the CD first, then the 
floppy drive, then last, the hard drive. If the machine boots ok from 
other CDs but not from the Ubuntu cd than maybe the cd is not correct 
- where did it come from, did you make it? The cd must be created by 
an image burn, *not* choosing to make ISO.

The CD will run the machine and ubuntu normal desktop appears on the 
screen after  some setup questions and a time.

When this has done, you will see on the screen there is an icon saying 

For ubuntu, double click this and the install sequence will begin.

If you do not want the install, then you have ubuntu linux on your 
machine, in RAM and CD, and nothing will be changed in your machine at 
all. But you can still run the linux.

> What should I do to install it?

as explained above

> Is there a hidden install button?

No, the install is an install Icon on the desktop display of the 
running live CD


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